Beware of “Pomsky Puppies for Sale” Ads!

Whenever you see any ads listing “pomsky puppies for sale” you need to be on high alert for all the criminals, degenerates and lowlifes that plague the internet looking to make a fast buck by selling Pomskies for thousands of dollars.

It should go without saying that there are a whole host of scams perpetrated against unsuspecting and naïve people looking to purchase a new puppy. This includes sites like Craigslist.

I am not saying that every Pomsky breeder who posts an ad on Craigslist is trying to steal your money, but sometimes it feels like it.

Pomskies are the Hot Trend Right Now

Understand that Pomskies are the hot trend at the moment and there is a seemingly insatiable demand by those wishing to buy a new puppy. It doesn’t matter if the internet is littered with half-truths, mis-truths and lies about everything from how big a Pomsky will get to what type of personality and behavioral traits they will exhibit.

To meet his demand there are many fraudulent outfits looking to steal your money because they know that many unsuspecting customers will not do the due diligence required to protect themselves.

Caveat emptor. Buyer beware!

Pomsky Scams

I am not going to talk about any of the standard internet fraud that pertains to negotiating online purchases and exchanges. We are going to specifically discuss Pomsky purchases.

Pomskies are very expensive.

While you are holding your money, you have the control. Once you relinquish those funds and pay the breeder of your Pomsky, you no longer have the control in the transaction. That means you MUST do your proper research before you make a purchase.

Would you buy a car without being able to look under the hood or take it out for a test drive? Would you buy a diamond for several thousands of dollars in a Walmart parking lot?

So, why would you purchase a Pomsky for several thousands of dollars without even knowing for sure the dog you are actually purchasing was a Pomsky? Do you even know what a Pomsky looks like or how big it will get?

You can’t rely on a person posing as a breeder to tell you these things. They will tell you what you want to hear because they just want to close the sale and get your money.​

There are countless instances of people being defrauded out of their money, lied to, and cheated. They were told their dog was a Pomsky only to find out that it really wasn’t.

Reputable Breeders

The best way to know if you are dealing with a reputable breeder is to put yourself in the shoes of a breeder and ask yourself how you would act.

Let’s pretend for a second that you were a dog breeder and you were actively seeking to sell a litter of puppies. How would you act or behave? What information would you provide to your customers?

If you were actively engaged in dog breeding, do you think you would have more than just a phone number and an email address?

Hopefully, you would have some things that suggest you are a real business or at least a serious hobbyist or enthusiast, right? Maybe a website or Facebook page, perhaps.

Here are some warning signs you should be looking out for:

  •  Evasive or vague answers
  • You are not allowed to view facilities or breeding area
  • Lack of any online presence like a website or Facebook page (This is 2015)
  • Lack of any track record or customer referrals
  • No pictures of parents
  • Pictures of parents that look fake or stock imagery
  • No papers for the parents of your Pomsky puppy
  • Only forms of payment accepted are cash or cash equivalents like money orders or cashier’s checks
  • Breeder will not guarantee results with a DNA test

Let’s briefly take them one by one.

If you are asking questions and you are getting vague or evasive answers then you need to have some alarms bells going off in your head. Trusty your “spidey sense.” Your gut is going to tell you if something seems amiss.

If the breeder will not allow you to tour their facilities, what does that tell you? Don’t you want to know how they treat their animals, how the mother is treated and what sort of health she is in? Don’t you even want to know if the mother is really a Siberian husky?

It is 2015, a “breeder” without a website or Facebook page is simply not someone you should take seriously. Odds are they are a scam or they are too amateurish to even bother wasting your time. The only caveat to this would be someone who is old school and been around forever with a known reputation. But, they are going let you tour their facilities anyway, so it doesn’t matter if they do not have a website.

If you are going to buy a dog out of the back of someone’s car for $2,000 or more and you have no idea if they have any satisfied customers then you are being foolish.

Again, it is 2015. If they do not have pictures of the parents or the images look fake then you know something is wrong.

Is the breeder willing to present paperwork for the mother and father? Remember, you are buying a Pomsky. A Pomsky is a cross between a pure bred Pomeranian and a pure bred Siberian Husky. If you do not know if the mother and father are pure breeds, then how do you know you really have a Pomsky?

The breeder wants all cash or demands cash equivalent payments with money orders and cashier’s checks. You are a fool if you agree to this and deserve to have your money stolen from you.

Does the breeder guarantee your Pomsky with DNA test results? They should. More importantly, they should guarantee in writing and allow you to verify your puppy with our own DNA test.

Why Scams Happen!

Scams happen because we as humans behave emotionally and act irrationally. And few things make us act more emotionally and irrationally than a cute puppy.

So, people throw common sense out the window, ignore all the warning signs, and act impulsively. This is especially so in situations where a trendy good or service is in high demand and there isn’t that much supply.

That is why we see idiots getting into fights the day after Thanksgiving over $100 televisions and other such nonsense.

Don’t be afraid of missing out on getting your new puppy when you see ads listing Pomskies for sale. Be afraid of losing your hard earned money or getting cheated and sold something that is not a real Pomsky.

Do your research and read reviews of Pomsky breeders and search the internet for customer feedback. Read our “Pomsky-Pedia” section and take a look at frequently asked questions.

Last, but certainly not least, sign up for our email alerts where we will keep you up to date with the latest news and information surrounding the breed and its breeders.​

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