Pomsky Wiki: An Online Encyclopedia about the Pomeranian Husky Mixed Designer Dog Breed

The Pomsky Wiki serves as an online encyclopedia resource for those people interested learning more about the designer dog breed that mixes male Pomeranians with female Siberian huskies.

We’re here to provide you with factual information and the unvarnished truth about this trendy and uber-popular dog, also referred to in some corners as a “Huskeranian.”

We are going to give you facts and reasonable expectations when it comes to determining the following:

  1. The height and weight of a full grown Pomsky when it is a mature adult dog
  2. Insight into the expected temperament and personality of the breed
  3. Comment on the prospective colorings and markings
  4. Discuss the cost of Pomskies so you can properly budget this expensive purchase

Pomsky Wiki will tackle common mis-perceptions and tackle common and frequently asked questions.

  • Are Pomskies real?
  • Are they just “miniature” Siberian huskies?
  • How do little Pomeranians and big huskies mate, anyway?

In addition to providing basic and detailed information about Pomskies as an animal species, we are going to take a good, hard look at some other issues surrounding the breeding and selling of these creatures.

Some of the topics we will cover in depth for our readers include the following:

  1. Compiling a list of reputable and disreputable Pomsky breeders to hopefully save you some time.
  2. Provide reviews of and feedback about the various Pomsky breeders you might be considering making a purchase from.
  3. Detailing how a regular person can find a reputable breeder.
  4. Teaching our readers how to avoid being scammed and cheated out of their money by unsavory and unethical scumbags.

We are going to delve into the subject of animal rights, ethical breeding, and other discussions about backyard breeders and so forth.

Is a Pomsky Right for You & Your Family?

You have stumbled upon our little corner of the web presumably because you are curious about Pomskies or might even be thinking long and hard about purchasing one to add to your family.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy your visit and that you find information that is useful to your decision making process.

Ultimately, the Pomsky Wiki is not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. We are here to provide you with facts and substantive information about the breed so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Our goal is to help you answer the question that you probably have already asked yourself in some context or another: Is a Pomsky the right dog for me?

Why are You Interested or Attracted to Pomskies?

Before we can determine whether or not a Pomsky is right for you and/or your family, we must ascertain why it is that you are interested in purchasing a puppy in the first place.

If you are like most people who have found their way to our website, you probably saw a picture of what was supposedly a Pomsky or group of Pomskies and instantly fell in love with these beautiful little creatures.

It is extremely likely that the picture you saw of what was said to be a Pomsky was actually a picture of a different breed of dog. Much of the popularity of the Pom-husky mix is directly attributable to bad information.

There is a tremendous amount of mis-information, outright lies, and deceptive and unscrupulous “pomsky breeders” preying on the emotions and excitement of a naïve public. A public that has been whipped into at times a viral frenzy of social media fervor primarily due to the sharing of images and pictures of dogs that are mistakenly identified as a Pomsky.

Take the picture below as an example.

That is not a Pomsky. And you might be shocked to hear this, but that is not even a Siberian husky.

That picture was the picture responsible for starting the viral frenzy surrounding the Pomsky a couple of years ago and no matter how many people try to set the record straight it is seemingly impossible to unring that bell.

It goes to show you how powerful and scary quite frankly, social media can be when you actually stop to think and realize an entire “cottage industry” surrounding the Pomsky designer breed developed around a picture that featured neither a Pomeranian nor a Siberian husky.

How crazy is that?

The puppy in that picture is actually a Finnish Lapphund.

So, if your motivation for searching Google and finding our website about Pomskies was that picture or any number of other pictures falsely claiming to be of the designer breed, you may want to re-consider your interest level.