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Welcome to the Pomsky Breeder Research Portal!

Before you eagerly agree to pay and hand over thousands of dollars to a Pomsky breeder and excitedly take your adorably cute and presently little puppy that you just purchased home with you, we hope you complete your due diligence. We want you to thoroughly research and investigate your breeders of choice.

In fact, we hope you investigate the Pomsky designer breed itself to make sure its behavioral profile will  truly mesh with your family household dynamic.

In many respects, purchasing a Pomsky puppy from a breeder is like the “Wild Wild West” right now.  While there are genuine operators, there are many individuals looking to make a fast buck because they recognize how fashionable and trendy it is to have a Pomsky at the moment.

We want to protect you and others from getting scammed by unethical breeders and criminal cheats and one way we hope to accomplish this is by publishing reviews of Pomsky breeders by satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Pomsky Breeder Checklist

You should be concerned about the health and safety of your new puppy, as well as the general well-being of any animals under the care of a breeder.

​You also want to protect yourself from being scammed and defrauded by unethical breeders looking to make a fast buck.

To protect yourself, please use our checklist to find a reputable breeder of Pomsky puppies.​

Pomsky Breeder Directory

Are you looking for a Pomsky breeder near your or in your state?

You can find puppies and breeders using our Pomsky breeder directory.

Please take a moment to educate yourself about the Pomsky breed, whether or not Pomsky puppies are right for you, and whether or not you want to purchase and encourage the continued breeding of these animals by “backyard breeders.”​

Pomsky Breeder Reviews

Most everyone seeks out referrals and reviews of products, companies and professionals before we enter into any purchase or transaction.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some who seek out Pomsky puppies.

Don’t let the excitement derail you from engaging in proper due diligence. Please take a quick second to scan the reviews of Pomsky breeders.​

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