How Big is a Full Grown Pomsky?

Without a doubt, the most common question ever asked about the Pomsky designer dog breed is “how big does a Pomsky get when it is full grown?”

Bar none!

And the reason for that is rather simple.

Tens of thousands of people on the internet come across a picture of an adorable Pomsky puppy listed for sale or shared on Facebook and other social media sites and they fall in love with it.

They want that dog.

They want to bottle it up, hug it, never let it go and imagine themselves being a loving, doting doggy parent who whisks it around with them all day long. You can’t do that with a Siberian Husky, but oh boy, what if we could get a miniature husky!

Eyes light up and Googling commences.

We all love pictures of cute little puppies and the allure of the Pomsky “breed” is that we are lead to believe that we get all the awesomeness and majestic beauty of the Siberian Husky in a miniature form. After all, the only thing more awesome than an awesome dog for many people…is a smaller dose of awesomeness.

Reality Check: Pomskies are not Teacups

It is time for a little reality check.

If you think that you are simply going to call up a Pomsky breeder, place an order, and then be able to tote your little guy around in your purse a few months later a la Paris Hilton and her little teacup Pomeranian, you need to get rid of that notion.

Teacup Pomeranians are not a breed. They are simply runts of litters or the product of breeding two runt-ish poms to get a diminutive version of the breed.

When you introduce the Siberian Husky bloodline into the equation it will be impossible to get a “teacup” Pomsky!

Reality Check: Pomskies are not Mini-Huskies

It is being ultra-simplistic and rather delusional to suggest or believe that a Pomsky is “just” a min-husky.

Think about this for a second.

When bi-racial parents procreate, does the child simply become a miniature version of one of their parents? No. Of course not.

They will possess and exhibit traits from both parents. Now some traits of the mother or father may be more dominant or be more noticeable, but the child will not look just like one of the parents. It is impossible.

So, why then do you think so many people are deceived into thinking that a Pomsky is simply a shrunken version of the Siberian Husky? Because people believe what they want to believe independent of what the facts say.

Reality Check: Don’t Be a Sucker!

Please do not fall for the tricks and lies many supposed Pomsky breeders will use to play on your emotions and separate you from your wad of cash. If you see any breeder suggesting or implying that your future Pomsky will be a teacup or have the same exact size and appearance of a Siberian Husky you need to understand that they are being unethical and trying to cheat you.

As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Except in this instance you really need to replace “usually” with “always.” Don’t be a sucker!

General Rules on Full Grown Pomsky Sizes

Full grown pomskies are going to weigh different amounts and come in different heights. The actual size of a full grown Pomsky at maturation is indeterminable and cannot be known until they reach maturity.

There is a very simple reason for this. The size and genetics of its parents are the single most important deciding factor.

The very same thing can be said about their personality, temperament, and physical appearance or markings.

Calculating Full Grown Pomsky Weight

The general rule or conventional wisdom is that a Pomsky puppy will grow to be approximately half the total weight of its parents. Simply add the weight of its Pomeranian father and Siberian Husky mother and then divide by two.

For example, the average size of a female husky is 35-50 pounds and male Pomeranians generally average three to seven pounds.

Therefore, we can estimate the lower end of the Pomsky’s weight to be around 19 pounds (35 lbs + 3 lbs = 38 lbs, divided by 2).

Similarly, we can estimate the upper end of the Pomsky’s weight spectrum to be around 29-30 pounds (50 lbs + 7 lbs = 57 lbs, divided by 2).

Again, this is a general rule and not set in stone. They are merely guidelines on what your realistic expectations should be. Remember that this is assuming the breeding of a purebred Pomeranian and a purebred husky.

With that said, that cute and cuddly Pomsky puppy isn’t so cute and cuddly anymore at 30 lbs in size now is it?

At least your purse will be safe and hair-free though.

Calculating the Height of a Full Grown Pomsky

Let’s turn to height and talk about how tall a full grown Pomsky is at maturity.

The height of a dog is measured from the ground to the top of their shoulder blades where the spine and the neck come together. A female Siberian Husky is approximately 20-22 inches tall. A male Pomeranian is usually going to fall in the 7-12 inches tall range. As such, Pomskies will generally grow to be anywhere from 10-15 inches in height.

Remember that this is an average approximation. There is and will be outliers in any litter.

Some of you may be thinking that all any breeder needs to do to be successful is to find the smallest and shortest female huskies and Pomeranians and simply let them get busy!

Voila! We have ridiculously cute puppies and then they can charge lots of money!

It doesn’t quite work that way.

Logically it makes sense. The smaller the parents the smaller the Pomsky will be as an adult. The problem is that many unethical breeders will do this to the extreme and essentially pair sickly parents together so that they can get the tiny puppy. This equals a “soon to be dead after you have shelled out thousands of dollars” puppy.

Tiny puppies equal big money. Big money equals an incentive to cut corners or cheat people.

Excessively small parents will most likely produce puppies with long-term health issues arising from compromised immune systems, lack of bone density resulting in breakages, and other defects.

Not only do you the buyer “pay up” for the more desirable smaller puppies, but you will “pay up” for it again with respect to a shorter lifespan and/or higher veterinarian bills.

Pomsky Breeding is Not a Science

The breeding of Pomskies is far from an exact science. Breeders have no idea what they are creating in their “backyard labs.” That is a fact.

And by purchasing a designer dog breed like a Pomsky from these breeders, you need to look in the mirror and realize that you are encouraging this experimentation to continue.

I am not saying you shouldn’t purchase a designer dog breed. But, I do believe you need to understand the situation in total and not profess ignorance.

The Pomsky is still a relatively new designer breed and it is mostly the product of amateur breeders looking to make a fast buck.

Even if most Pomsky breeders were professionals with years of experience and dozens of reviews, they would be unable to give you any assurance as to the appearance, traits or temperaments of their puppies. There simply isn’t a long enough history or enough generations to have any idea what the outcome will be, let alone the long-term implications of the health and lifespan of these dogs will be.

In time breeders will become more skilled and knowledgeable. Hopefully, this will result in ethical breeding practices and create healthier dogs with better known and predictable characteristics.

Until then, you have to fully understand and realize that when you enter into a contract with a Pomsky breeder you are playing a game of roulette. You might very well get the dog of your dreams and it might very well live a long, healthy and happy life with you and your family.

And you very well might get that full grown Pomsky at the ideal size and weight you seek.

However, there is a significant chance that that will not be the case. Please be forewarned.