The Pomsky Wiki seeks to provide you the reader with truthful and accurate information free of fluff, hype and dishonest sales pitches.

We are not affiliated with any breeder or any association of breeders.

Our singular objective is to make sure those interested in learning more about the Pomsky designer dog breed can find the information they need to make informed decisions for themselves and their family.

Building a Community

“Wiki’s” are generally thought of as user generated and fact-checked reference material. The idea being that as a group we can ensure accurate, reliable information (e.g. reputable source).

We’re hoping to build a community where you and others will provide us with feedback and information to make our site better and more comprehensive. What does this mean?

We want to hear your thoughts on and experiences with this breed if you are a Pomsky owner.

We want to hear about your experiences and reviews of Pomsky breeders. We want to hear about your experiences with shipping companies. We want to hear about your experiences with scammers or those who have tried to cheat you out of your money.

And frankly, if you are opposed to designer dog breeds or actively work with animal rescue organizations we want to hear what you have to say as well.

Our only requirement is that each and every one of us treat each other with respect and communicate with each other in a mature manner.

Thank you,

The Pomsky Wiki