Pomsky Quiz Results

How Did You Do on the Quiz?

I am really curious to know how you did on the quiz? Did you get them all right?

Now, all of these dogs are supposedly Pomskies but this is all "self-reported" information. So, Pomsky Wiki cannot state with absolute certainty that each of these puppies were in fact truly Pomskies.

Assuming for a moment that they all truly are Pomeranian-husky mixes, you can tell that there is significant differences in their size, appearance and markings.

Now, I want you to be truly honest with yourself. Do you really think you are able to discern or tell when a dog is truly a Pomsky and when it is not?

The reason I ask is because you are basically planning on spending $3-5,000 on this dog and if you aren't confident that you can tell what a Pomsky looks like when it is a full grown adult then I was wondering if I might be able to interest you in a diamond ring...