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Pomsky Breeder Directory

If this is the first page you are visiting at the Pomsky Wiki, please put a pause on your search for a Pomsky breeder and do some research on the Pomsky designer dog breed first.

It is imperative that you fully understand what is and what is not a Pomsky, whether your expectations are aligned with reality, and if this dog is truly a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

Below is a list of Pomsky breeders that we are aware of at the moment.

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Reviews of Pomsky Puppy Breeders

If you have had any positive or negative experiences with a person offering Pomsky puppies for sale, we want to hear from you. Please drop us an email or leave a comment at the end of this post.

We are providing these reviews so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

We want to hear from you and share your story (good or bad) with others.​

Below is a list of all the reviews of the Pomsky puppy breeders we have completed. 

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What Does a Pomsky Puppy Look Like?

It is impossible to describe to you what a Pomsky looks like or how big they get when they are fully grown because the Pomsky is a new designer dog breed that does not have a breed standard.

Breed standards are reserved for pure breed dogs. Therefore, much like questions about personality and temperament or the full grown size of a Pomsky at maturity, we cannot give you any hard and fast answers.

Once again we must give you a vague “it depends” answer that sounds like a cop out.

If you do not read any other page on this site, the most important think we want you to take away from your visit is the following:

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What is the Personality and Temperament of a Pomsky?

Many prospective Pomsky owners would like to know what kind of personality and temperament their new puppy will have in their home.

This is a very important question. After all, you are adding another living creature to your household and effectively making a 10-15 years commitment. It is important that you get this decision right.

Here is the straight up truth about what kind of behavior and personality a Pomeranian-husky mixed breed dog will have:

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Beware of “Pomsky Puppies for Sale” Ads!

Whenever you see any ads listing “pomsky puppies for sale” you need to be on high alert for all the criminals, degenerates and lowlifes that plague the internet looking to make a fast buck by selling Pomskies for thousands of dollars.

It should go without saying that there are a whole host of scams perpetrated against unsuspecting and naïve people looking to purchase a new puppy. This includes sites like Craigslist.

I am not saying that every Pomsky breeder who posts an ad on Craigslist is trying to steal your money, but sometimes it feels like it.

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